What it means to be a member of Death by Design:

Our goal is to create a great community for Death By Design members & to create a Team of Apocalyptics (raiders) dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and end-game progression raiding.

World of Warcraft is more than just video game for members of Death by Design. While MMORPG's certainly are a source of entertainment, adventure and escape/relaxation, they are also a social community.  They also provide a competitive arena in which to test our skills, wit and patience. With that in mind, Death by Design's mission is to provide a community framework in which to members will be afforded the opportunity to succeed. We will push the envelope and be at the forefront of cutting-edge content but do so in such a way that there is still room for friendship and willingness help those that might need it to move forward.

It is a spirit of giving, respect and adventure that we seek. It is this mindset that we deal with our fellow members and those outside our guild. We are not an "elite only" guild. We have room within our guild for those who wish to step back or take a break from the competitive and demanding raiding role(s). We are tolerant and patient with new players and try to help them learn the game and their character but we also expect them to make an effort to do those same things. The result of this is a better guild and a better server community for all to enjoy.


Raid Days & Times:

 Death by Design is an end game progression raiding guild on the Hyjal Server (PST) proudly serving the Horde.

Tuesdays: 6-9pm Pacific

Wednesdays: 6-9pm Pacific

Thursdays: 6-9pm Pacific


Requirements for Raiders (Apocalyptics):

  • Maintain a high attendance rate (75% is the bare minimum)
  • Post all absences (we know real life happens) in one of the following methods:
          1. Here on the website in the absence forums (preferred)
          2. On our Facebook page
          3. Text message to the Raid Leader / Guild Master
  • Have Mumble installed with full capabilities (yes, we expect you to talk!)
  • Demonstrate High Performance - we consistently review logs and we will not tolerate under-performers.
  • Be prepared for raid.  This includes the following:
          1. Know the boss mechanics and strategy
          2. Fully gem and enchant your gear with top-quality mats
          3. A minumum of (1) stack of flasks, potions & food for your class/spec's
  • Have Required Addons Installed:
          1. Boss Mod (DBM or BigWigs) – updated and working.
          2. GTFO
          3. EPGP Lootmaster (EPGP-dkp reloaded is also recommended)



Death by Design uses the EPGP system for loot. Learn more about EPGP here.


Guild Ranks

Father Death – Guild Master (Raphi)

Crypt Keepers - Officers (Inafiate, Frankyice,Proverbial, Merilwen)

Apocalyptics - Raiders

Embalmers - Raider Alts

Grave Diggers - Members

Grave Robbers - Friends & Family

Bored to Death - Member Alts

At Death's Door - Probationary / Trials