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re: App: weed_bull

The application submitted by weed_bull is as follows:

Before applying below, please read and understand the information provided in the Guild Charter:

Please treat this like you would a job application - the more detailed information you provide us, the better.

Character Name::

Battle Tag::



Location IRL::
portland oregon

What is your class and Main Spec?:
resto sham

Link to your armory page::

Can you make our raid times (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6pm-9pm Pacific)? If not, why?:

Have to see it before you don't stand in it. Whats your average FPS and MS in raid?:
i7 gtx 1080 16gb of ram... i can see everything

Do you have an authenticator? (required for membership):

Please describe your raiding experience. Combat logs must be supplied for review and for consideration of raiding.:
well combat logs are probably out of date... raided with fly, thonar, livin for years though

What addons do you use in a raid enviroment? Please list and descibe them below.:
weakauras2 for my cd
healbot been using it since bc

Please supply a screenshot of your UI, preferably in a raid setting. You can upload this screenshot to or another comparable site.:
if you really need to see this i can supply a dropbox link

Do you play any other class/specs well? Explain::
blood dk - like tanking
bm hunter - dps
I have all charcs 2 103 with artifact weaps to just mess around

What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave each? (Your most recent guild first)::
core 3
deaths disciples

never left the guilds they just lost members

Please tell us about yourself, hobbies, music, life outside of WoW::
I am a manager at a software company here in portland oregon. I have many servers and websites I admin. My biggest hobby out of tech is fishing, which i adore to get out on the weekends with my gf and her kids. I am a juggalo and love ICP and old school hip hop. I keep up on education so I do read a lot and have an xbox one and ps4 but I do not play them much.

What are you looking to achieve in Death by Design?:
2 raid and give some competition to the healing team. I have checked out some logs and I know I can play steady role in the healing team.

Why should we invite you to Death by Design? (Impress us)::
Well... I am kind of a big deal... LOL... I have been in technology all my life and consider myself a great gamer but not so great that I can't direction and pointers from my fellow guildies. I respect Fly, Thonar, and living to no end and ready to finally settle with them again.

I have read and I understand the information provided in the guild charter.:

Do you have any questions for us?:
When can i show my stuff?

Thank you for applying to Death by Design. Please check these forums regularly and reply to any questions we ask. Please download and install MUMBLE voice server in preparation for your interview.

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