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re: App: Lîlninja

The application submitted by Lîlninja is as follows:

Before applying below, please read and understand the information provided in the Guild Charter:

Please treat this like you would a job application - the more detailed information you provide us, the better.

Character Name::

Battle Tag::



Location IRL::
Orlando, Florida

What is your class and Main Spec?:
DH Havoc/Vengeance

Link to your armory page::

Can you make our raid times (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6pm-9pm Pacific)? If not, why?:

Have to see it before you don't stand in it. Whats your average FPS and MS in raid?:
60FPS, 80ms

Do you have an authenticator? (required for membership):

Please describe your raiding experience. Combat logs must be supplied for review and for consideration of raiding.:
7/7N, 7/7H-EN
^----lots of room for improvement. Those are when i had pretty low ilvl gear its way up now 862/863-offset from tank weapon having better relics in it.

What addons do you use in a raid enviroment? Please list and descibe them below.:
bigwigs, littlewigs, exorsus raid tools, wa's, skada, many more and if i dont have it i will get it specially if you require it for raiding.

Please supply a screenshot of your UI, preferably in a raid setting. You can upload this screenshot to or another comparable site.:

Do you play any other class/specs well? Explain::
I do have a warrior and dk, but both are not 110. I do plan at some point in time to level them. I pretty much use them as profession slave/gold making if possible.

What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave each? (Your most recent guild first)::
WDFA- When we asked to do stuff outside of raid days we were told repeatedly that those were the only day the guild did things together and if you wanted to run mythic+ or do anything else that the guild was not for them and we should look elsewhere. One tank at the time said he worked 2 jobs yet was on all day everyday but had no time to run mythics and was repeatedly getting face rolled/one shot by all trash mobs and bosses in the new raid. Yet he was the god of all tanking in wow because he watched mythic raid videos. I wanted and tried to do other things with the guild only to be sat because of affixes in the mythic+'s but you dont really know how they will affect anyone in there unless they actually do it. If certain classes get sat then that leads to people becoming cliquey and eventually no one can run with anyone.

Please tell us about yourself, hobbies, music, life outside of WoW::
work, reading stuff on the internet, watching tv, music, movies(specially marvel/dc), working with the specs of my new pc to maximize it to its fullest potential(cant figure out why i cant break 60FPS with a 1070 G-Force still working that out).

What are you looking to achieve in Death by Design?:
I hope to fufill your open spot for havoc DH, and smash some face in raid once again and see some mythic progression. I love new challenges and when i stepped foot into MHFC for the first time after a 6mth hiatus from wow that was exactly what i needed to challenge myself to be better. I love running mythic +'s if there is an opportunity for me to jump in on a few here and there. I know most of the gear people want with specific stats come from dungeons and the gear is limited inside EN for stats. This is something i tried pushing in WDFA.

Why should we invite you to Death by Design? (Impress us)::
I always come prepared with my own food, flasks, pre-pots. I have very good knowledge of all the fights for heroics and will be ready go for mythic progression. I am very approachable, always try to help out guild by donations of all 375 foods, enchanting mats/rings,cloak and neck enchants already made. If I'm doing something wrong i wont argue it, ill fix what i did or ill take the ban/boot hammer to the face, although I tend to be a rule follower as long as they are laid out. I just like to have fun and want to be with a group that makes raids fun.

I have read and I understand the information provided in the guild charter.:

Do you have any questions for us?:
none at this point in time. if any arise i will get in contact with an officer.

Thank you for applying to Death by Design. Please check these forums regularly and reply to any questions we ask. Please download and install MUMBLE voice server in preparation for your interview.

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