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re: App: Noctcamel

The application submitted by Noctcamel is as follows:

Before applying below, please read and understand the information provided in the Guild Charter:

Please treat this like you would a job application - the more detailed information you provide us, the better.

Character Name::

Battle Tag::



Location IRL::

What is your class and Main Spec?:
Resto Druid

Link to your armory page::

Can you make our raid times (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6pm-9pm Pacific)? If not, why?:
Yes for all three

Have to see it before you don't stand in it. Whats your average FPS and MS in raid?:
35 FPS and 70ms

Do you have an authenticator? (required for membership):

Please describe your raiding experience. Combat logs must be supplied for review and for consideration of raiding.:
Have raided in WotLK and Cata. Done all Heroic EN

What addons do you use in a raid enviroment? Please list and descibe them below.:
DBM, Healbot, Skada, SpellFlash and other MISC addons

Please supply a screenshot of your UI, preferably in a raid setting. You can upload this screenshot to or another comparable site.:

Do you play any other class/specs well? Explain::
Mostly healed while raiding which includes holy paladin, druid dps is rusty but playable.

What were your previous guilds, and why did you leave each? (Your most recent guild first)::
Previous guild was a friends and wasn't part of the community, friend left so I did also

Please tell us about yourself, hobbies, music, life outside of WoW::
I am a married man who enjoys video games, work outside for my job and enjoy doing sport activities.

What are you looking to achieve in Death by Design?:
a fun guild to do raiding, mythic + dungeons, and some pvp

Why should we invite you to Death by Design? (Impress us)::
I am competitive and like being top in healing meters, but understand when it comes to progression that meters doesn't mean anything. I am a person who will use spells that some people are to lazy to use, which includes Ironbark and innervating a different healer if they need it more or have higher HPS then me. I have been on and off raid healing for the past several years on some private servers, so mechanics aren't a big issue with any boss, takes me 2 or 3 times and the boss will be simple for me. I enjoy learning how boss damage works and timing my heals to get the most out of them.

I have read and I understand the information provided in the guild charter.:

Do you have any questions for us?:

Thank you for applying to Death by Design. Please check these forums regularly and reply to any questions we ask. Please download and install MUMBLE voice server in preparation for your interview.

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