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Death by Design's First WoD Mythic Kill

by Xanthu, 25 days ago

Guild first WoD Mythic kill - Kargath Bladefist and done in only a handful of pulls!  Great job by everyone involved as usual!!!  Outstanding!

Mythic Kargath Bladefist

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Heroic Butcher Dead! DbD now 5/7 Heroic!

by Xanthu, 41 days ago

So....we totally forgot the screenshot of his demise, so just use your imagination and picture him dead on the next pull after the one shown below!  Besides, anyone can kill a boss, but to perfectly wipe @ 0.01% is even more epic!!!  Cheers & great job for all those raiders involved in the kill!

Butcher wipe

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Two more heroic bosses down tonight!

by Xanthu, 46 days ago

Heroic Brackenspore & Heroic Tectus in one night.  Nice work everyone!

Heroic Brackenspore

Heroic Tectus

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Heroic Kargath Bladefist

by Raffi-, 59 days ago

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